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2007 the United States western photoelectricity exposition begins wave
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A year of United States western photoelectricity is exhibited (Photonics West) flutter works to had spread out, 2007 the United States western photoelectricity is exhibited (Photonics West 2007) will be in center of conference of He Sai of emperor of American California city to hold at coming 25 days on January 23, 2007, exhibit meeting dimensions to will achieve 15000 square metre, predicting ginseng exhibits an audience to will reach 16000 people, many 1000 when come from 20 countries postpone business.
Came 25 days on January 23, 2007

Learn project association by American international photoelectricity (SPIE) sponsorred United States western photoelectricity is exhibited (Photonics West 2007) had become the optical trade fair with the biggest North America stage by stage. Exhibit meeting general to be in border He Sai holds the emperor of Silicon Valley, at the appointed time will the enterprise of nearly 1000 photoelectron that comes from world each district assembles in center of conference of American emperor He Sai, the applied technology of the solution with all sorts of lead optical new product, brand-new science and technology and tide of follow closely world will appearance in succession appear, it is OK to be here face-to-face bring into contact with advanced techniques of more science and technology. Exhibit meeting the corresponding period to still will hold many academic communication that sponsor by SPIE to meet: BIOS 2007 -- theme of biochemical photoelectricity technology, OPTO2007 -- theme of compositive photoelectron equipment, LASE 2007 -- the applied theme in laser and engineering design, MOEMS-MEMS 2007 -- theme of technology of small accept rice.

If be opposite this second exhibit can be interested, can contact domestic representative company:

Northward international shows limited company
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