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Ginseng of high mountain abundant exhibits middle east product of the biggest el
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Yue Feng attends middle east product of the biggest electron is exhibited, du Bai 2006 GITEX exhibits middle east. GITEX is exhibited is the computer communication with middle east the largest area is exhibited, it is communication of 3 large computers exhibits as eponymous as Computer TaiPei of German Cebit, Taiwan whole world one of. This ginseng exhibits business to have come from the whole world 1347 of 76 countries and area enterprises related to IT and company, by a definite date 5 days exhibit can attract nearly 100 thousand audience. Can make through be being exhibited this much international client understands Yue Feng and whole set of high mountain abundant to carry the product of end, one rose in the promotion of the international market for Yue Feng very big urge action.

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