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System of 2007 China integrated wiring and applied technology (Shanghai) exposit
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Sponsor an unit: Chinese network develops association     Guild of bin of Chinese industry chance

Support an unit: Center of information of Chinese network automation

Undertake unit: Hong Kong can exhibit international group limited company

     Shanghai fact exhibits an exhibition to serve limited company

Appoint media: Net of 1000 integrated wiring

Express gratitude unit: 3 modern electric equipment of Japan of group of electric equipment of people of China of SamSung electron company limited

Abroad acts as agent: Korea METALNETKOREA


After our country joins WTO, below the situation that accelerates in global economic integration and international industry move, of all kinds industry and characteristic industry pass arouse one's all efforts to make the country prosperous of more than 20 years, the main force that already became our country to develop property of new and high science and technology and carry on move of world advanced manufacturing industry, attract international working capital, pull move the growth of our country economy, main platform that drives global technology capital to interact and main carrier.

Rise increasingly as news rate, the Information Industry develops quickly, what electronic information network builds is comprehensive spread out, in the investment that builds in global network, china is in lead position. All sorts of intelligence villages, building, stadium house and the network construction of other a few fundamental situations of like a raging fire undertaking. Integrated wiring regards a network as the fundamental part of construction and component, got unprecedented development, the product of network wiring and technology also got rapid development. The user also rises gradually to the requirement of network wiring level. Current, on Chinese network technology, as 6 kinds of standards promulgate and carry out, 6 kinds of wiring make the favorite of the market gradually, the mixture wiring of fiber-optic copper cable still is used by most user. Be based on cupreous cable and fiber-optic 10G to transmit a technology to become the heat that market technology develops, 10G product and plan also get applied in specific project slowly. Network wiring and the development that intelligent home resides are faced with unprecedented space.

Be in to promote Chinese wiring technology and world person of the same trade the communication of this domain and collaboration, promote the development of technology of world wiring system, develop ark of box of industry of association, China by Chinese network guild is organized jointly " system of 2007 China integrated wiring and applied technology exposition " current exposition is held is the need that complied with high-tech Information Industry to develop, offerred the good opportunity of development market for supplier of domestic and international equipment, offerred for relevant enterprise exhibit actual strength, erect the arena of the brand, the bridge that communicates directly was built between broad user and manufacturer. Borrow this to exhibit during meeting, all circles personage is OK better knowledge industry is dynamic, search for newest science and technology and product, increase the communication between wild phase each other and cooperation further. Help global ginseng exhibit an enterprise to popularize new product, new technology, know new client, strengthen with the communication between user, person of the same trade and distributors, hold the market to develop newest trends, consolidate and patulous market. Invite sincerely produce manufacturer, agent ginseng domestic and internationally to exhibit each.
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