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Intelligence of residence of 2007 China International is changed reach invitatio
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Show time: On March 16, 2007 - 18 days show a location: Smooth congress of Chinese • Shanghai exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Chinese estate and intelligence of committee of bldg. of residential seminar China build professional branch

The person resides project of environmental committee China to standardize association

Support an unit: Intelligence of association of Chinese interior decoration turns committee association of Asian house environment

National house and building of intelligence of Europe of research center of technology of living environment project are allied (EIBG)

Association of architect of federal of Germany of association of Chinese town planning

Royal architect association builds England ministry science and technology appoint development of intelligent building technology popularizes a center

Association of architect of Chinese of world of foundation of China environmental protection

Undertake unit: Exhibition of sea of Beijing of Shanghai of   of   of   of   of   of limited company of service of exhibition of Shanghai writing star serves limited company


"915 " the plan has made clear China to will use up big country to side with energy-saving, protection from the sources of energy, resource resource big country just goes ahead, below this setting, in each link that science and technology is sure to permeate estate in the round with rapidder rate, more and more city construction manage layer and estate development business to realise this trend, make practice. In former days high-tech, in walking into home of common common people nowadays, apparent residence intelligence turns the inevitable tide that is residential estate development. The digitlization times that high speed changes, informatization city and informatization society called the requirement that people changes to residential intelligence. As network of home appliance of multimedia entertainment news, number, information, computer, how prevent monitoring to wait for an industry permeate and transplant, prospective intelligence is built and intelligent residence village will promote development each other with the Information Industry, make the central point that whole world bldg. pays close attention to.
Current exhibit what can devote oneself to to make new product of science and technology of a building to reveal platform, through showing built propagandist network, promulgate the new product of the enterprise, new technology, new strategy, this action complied with ministry moral course of study to admit need, created the new pattern of the exhibition, those who become building ministry to taste new product of science and technology and forward position technology and estate development business and building design butt joint is the most authoritative reveal platform, the meeting of industry height forum that we organize the corresponding period, the trade information that brings foremost edge, attract the line of business that comes from other area of China and world wife person, come here to negotiate business, inspect investment decision-making, discuss the popular technique of industry domain.
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