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2007 Guangdong public safety is on guard product and alarm exhibit with equipmen
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Begin time: 2007-5-15
End time: 2007-5-17
Hold a place: Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibit a center
Contact: Liangzhi of Miss Li Yan exceeds a gentleman
Connect a telephone call: 8620, 83355868 83355898
Sponsor an unit: Guangdong saves a Public Security Department
Undertake unit: Technology of security of Guangdong province Public Security Department is on guard administrative office Guangzhou combines the limited company that extend trade
Postpone meeting introduction

Good luck market -- attract broad how to prevent an enterprise to stop

As " 3111 " of pilot project begin with carry out, drove further " restful city " construction pace, "Restful city " construction undertakes getting like a raging fire, at present Guangzhou is beginning to advance supervisory system of video of community public security to build, the plan and construction is photographed 40 thousand times like the head, always invest nearly 480 million yuan. 2005-2006 year Guangdong area a series of activity of product type selecting is held in succession, "Restful Guangdong " construction already strode development application and management carry out level stage by stage, the market business chance with big Nuo attracted what how prevent a company greatly each to stop.
Industry brand -- the professional grand meeting that how defends a look forward to to be gone to every year surely

By Guangdong province Public Security Department is sponsorred, annual how is Guangdong prevented exhibit, how to prevent a brand to exhibit for what Hua Na area has authority and force most of the meeting
One, more the professional grand meeting that how a look forward to defends to be gone to every year surely inside course of study.

"Restful city " , " restful Guangdong " construction is a complex systematic project, business of business of production of need product equipment, Party A, project and system are compositive the close cooperation of business, how is Guangdong prevented exhibit the effective bridge that made each square communication collaboration. "Society of the 5th 2007 Guangdong is communal and safe be on guard product and alarm with equipment (Guangzhou) exhibition " with " science and technology is powerful alarm, restful Guangdong " give priority to a problem, establish two big themes to exhibit the area exhibits an area with 3 old products, provide an authoritative and effective interactive platform for relevant unit, assistance is numerous how to prevent an enterprise to develop Guangdong market successfully.

Product zone -- two big themes exhibit an area to combine 3 old products to exhibit an area, all-around make " restful Guangdong "

Two big themes exhibit an area

◇ " build restful China integrated pattern case demonstrate to exhibit an area with application "
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