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Eleventh photoelectron of international laser · and exhibition of smooth indica
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Sponsor an unit: China International commerce promotes committee

Sponsor an unit: Guild of optical photoelectron of China of group of center of exhibition of China International of stimulative commission of China International trade undertakes unit: Chinese optics exhibits harbor of group north capital to show limited company in photoelectron guild

Exhibit meeting address: Beijing China International exhibits a center

Showpiece time: On December 5 - 7 days


Miss Fang Fang Mr He Yu Mr Li Shu connects a telephone call:

86-10-84600344, 84600320, 84600329


86-10-84600325, 84600346, 84600755 E-mail:

Ginseng exhibit content: Exposition of industry of China International photoelectricity, China International laser and photoelectron product produce exhibition is by People's Republic of China the State Council is approved formally, chinese MII and Chinese commerce promote committee to sponsor, undertake jointly by Chinese optics and photoelectron guild internationally exhibition. First exhibition is held at the center was being exhibited in Beijing China International 1991, exhibit can aim to show product of advanced photoelectricity technology, promote the development of Chinese photoelectricity industry, enterprise of promotional China photoelectricity and trade of aid of already of world look forward to interact, knowledge of the company outside be the sea and enter Chinese photoelectricity market to provide a platform, stimulative China photoelectricity is produced, learn, grind the development of unifinication. Through development of more than 10 years, the product of top class photoelectricity that provides authority most as China is exhibited integratedly greatly, exhibition had been attracted come from 36 countries, exceed 120 thousand professional audience, commercial public figure, enterprise policymaker and mission of 27 overseas trade attend and visited photoelectricity to exhibit, have about come from 15 countries nearly 300 newspaper and TV station reporter have a story, in the meantime, still 138 experts that come from North America, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized many 100 professional seminar, exhibit of the meeting clinch a deal frontal accumulative total achieves 13.58 billion RMB. Current, this exhibition has become global travelling merchant to search the commercial opportunity, optimal platform that reveal and purchases technology of newest photoelectricity product, communication, the ginseng that has 85% about exhibits business to exhibit effect satisfaction to joining, state the result exceeds their anticipation.

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