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Connect light to attend Germany Hannuoweitong believes exhibition
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To Germany of 15 days the letter exhibited Hannuoweitong on March 9 is cosmopolitan large exhibition. The group that connect light enjoys very high opinion in the industry, invite what got exhibit meeting headquarters directly. Connected light this to head a firm advocate make product and newest product, attracted join the attention that exhibits person of the same trade and client. Their from time to time examines trade catalogue in detail, from time to time and my firm join personnel to discuss ardently, from time to time offers opinion and proposal in the light of detail, generated strong interest to connecting light. Exhibit through this ginseng, connect light to be walked out of not only, and still be in exhibit the development state that the industry knew in the meeting and foreground, mastered the technical news that more replaces, after be opposite, the trend of the group has certain direct effect. Regard as pure name a group of things with common features brand, there is so intense echo in abroad, we should try hard to make the brand for motivation with this do greatly strong, create more value for enterprise and country.

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