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Equipment of 2006 international communication and exhibition of website sth rese
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The Asia has authority most -- -- the exhibition that shows skill of the most advanced and wireless communication

Equipment of 2006 international communication reachs exhibition of website sth resembling a net

Time: In May 2006 17-19 day

Place: Guangzhou ﹒ bright and beautiful Chinese exhibit a center

Directive unit:

Academy of national MII telecommunication

Academy of science of broadcast of total bureau of TV of national broadcast film

Sponsor an unit:

Guangdong saves bureau of broadcast film TV

Group of medium of southern broadcast movie and TV

The United States overcomes Lawes company

The conference sponsors an unit:

Guangdong saves communication society

Assist run an unit:

Guangdong saves branch of Guangdong of limited company of UniCom of China of telegraphic limited company

Net of China of finite liability company connects Guangdong mobile branch of Guangdong of group limited company

Iron of China of company of group of Chinese satellite communications opens branch of Guangdong of group limited company

Guangdong of company of group of wide southeastern communication saves communication guild

Undertake unit:

Exhibition of the border in Guangzhou engineers limited company

Limited company of Guangdong new and high exhibition

The Chinese market with infinite business chance

In recent years, the abidance of national economy grows quickly strong the development that promoted enterprise of our country communication. End by June 2005, gross of Chinese telephone subscriber breaks through 700 million. Among them, fixed telephone subscriber achieves three hundred and thirty-seven million four hundred and thirty-eight thousand; Mobile telephone user achieves three hundred and sixty-three million one hundred and sixty-eight thousand; Popularity rate of countrywide fixed call achieves 26 / 100 people; Mobile telephone popularity rate achieves 28 / 100 people. Communication business income four hundred and eighteen billion six hundred and thirty million yuan, grow 11.1% compared to the same period; Among them: Telegraphic income grows 11.4% , postal income grows 8.2% ; Fixed telephone subscriber adds 30.54 million newly; Mobile telephone user adds thirty-seven million nine hundred and fifty-two thousand newly. China regards the world that still continueing to grow quickly as market of the biggest mobile, the development latent capacity that its did not come to is very tremendous. Forecast according to concerning a section, chinese 3G user will achieve 6.2 million 2006, the Olympic Games will have 73.5 million during the meeting 2008, was close to 200 million 2010. Drive in what global 3G uses trend, it is mature that the 3G market of our country introduces an environment to be being moved toward quickly and the applied foreground of 3G market also is a light, 2006 also will be to extend the optimal opportunity of 3G license plate.
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