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2006 Guangzhou international is integrated wiring system and applied exhibition
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Time: On May 17, 2006, 19 days


Place: Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibit a center

Directive unit:

Academy of national MII telecommunication

Academy of science of broadcast of total bureau of TV of national broadcast film

Guangdong saves communication management board

Sponsor an unit:

Guangdong saves bureau of broadcast film TV

Group of medium of southern broadcast movie and TV

The United States overcomes Lawes company

The conference sponsors an unit:

Guangdong saves communication society

Assist run an unit:

Guangdong saves branch of Guangdong of limited company of UniCom of China of telegraphic limited company

Net of China of finite liability company connects Guangdong mobile branch of Guangdong of group limited company

Iron of China of company of group of Chinese satellite communications opens branch of Guangdong of group limited company

Guangdong of company of group of wide southeastern communication saves communication guild

Undertake unit:

Exhibition of the border in Guangzhou engineers limited company of new and high exhibition of limited company Guangdong

Media support:

" wiring world " " computer network world " wiring information network net of 1000 integrated wiring

The market is huge business chance is infinite

Of contemporary business organization run, often need computer technology, communication technology, IT and the office environment related its completely compositive together, implementation information and resource work together, provide easy working environment and perfect safe safeguard, this is intelligent edifice, and the foundation of all these is integrated wiring. Integrated wiring system is one is used at transmitting speech, data, video the system of standard structuralization wiring with other information. It is building or building group the transmission network inside, it makes speech and data communication equipment, exchange equipment and other information run a system each other join. China increases most rapid wiring market as Asia-Pacific area, already had decisive place in the whole world, "2006 Guangzhou international is integrated wiring system and applied exhibition " will through revealing international advanced wiring technology is mixed equipment, achieve the development that promotes technology of world wiring system, the purpose of the communication of technology of stimulative China wiring and world person of the same trade in this domain and collaboration. Manufacturing business that postpones meeting general to be world each district and agency are offerred march Chinese market especially the superexcellent opportunity of Chinese southern market, especially the communication business development that Guangdong saves and infrastructure construction, was to be full of infinite business chance more. The policymaker that is China provides the platform of technology of system of most advanced wiring of an understanding world.
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