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Green of intelligence of the 2nd international builds as energy-saving as the bu
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Circulate to develop economy, construction is managing model society, in construction the domain develops intelligence and green building energetically, promote energy-saving province ground residence and communal architectural development, implementation builds the target of material of water of ground of energy-saving, section, section, section and protective environment, total bureau of environmental protection of development of ministry of construction ministry, science and technology, nation and reform committee, country decides on March 28, 2006 ~ is in Beijing 30 days to be held jointly " building of intelligence of the 2nd international, green and building are energy-saving congress and new technology and product exposition " .

The theme of congress is: Green, intelligence leads to shortcut of energy-saving province ground architectural.

Inform concerned item as follows now:

One, the conference is main content

The development climate that summary communication builds energy-saving, intelligence and green building technology and crucial technology; The introduction builds energy-saving, intelligence and mode of green building development and industrialization experience domestic and internationally; Delibrate builds intelligence of energy-saving, building to change with can develop continuously, discuss intelligence and green building standardization to wait. The conference will invite the officer that concerns governmental orgnaization domestic and internationally, intelligence and green building, building brainpower of major of the expert scholar of energy-saving domain, enterprise makes thematic presentation.

The intelligence that congress the corresponding period holds, green is built and build energy-saving new technology and product exposition, will show the latest technology that builds energy-saving, intelligence and green building domain domestic and internationally and applied gain, reveal content to involve a construction the new technology of the respect such as intelligence of environmental protection of energy-saving, zoology, building, new-style material and product. The scientific research orgnaization that exposition will invite the domain such as domestic and international construction, design, energy-saving, environmental protection, intelligence, building materials and well-known company ginseng are exhibited.

2, join meeting staff

Each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government builds hall (build appoint) reach office of concerned construction branch, science and technology (appoint) , development is reformed appoint (trade of committee of planning, classics appoint) , environmental protection bureau, sheet of deputy provincial town, plan lists city to build appoint (construction bureau) reach bureau of concerned construction branch, science and technology, development to reform appoint (trade of committee of planning, classics appoint) , environmental protection bureau, and the leader of be assigned personal responsibility for of bureau of bureau of construction of large unit of Xinjiang production construction, science and technology, plan bureau, environmental protection bureau and relevant branch chief.
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