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The two sides of the Taiwan Straits drives FTTH Xiamen seminar April 8~9
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As broadband business to data, way of 3 nets syncretic develops speech and video, at present global each country is being built actively with promote broadband business development, because this passes through high capacity, small loss to wait fiber-optic transmitted character, convey data to be carried to the client quickly, make the main trend that FTTH makes broadband technology.

Xiamen establishs one of towns of the earliest 4 special economic zones as China, already became now famous enrol business and commerce port external, with world each district 162 countries and area established relationship of classics trade dealings, develop in communication technology today, xiamen also needs follow-up times to develop need to begin FTTH construction, because this was in Xiamen city on April 9, 2006 especially,hall of sea of view of international exhibition center is held " the two sides of the Taiwan Straits drives FTTH Xiamen seminar " .

Mobile content has introduction of plan of expert speech, company, introduction of experience of operation of Wuhan, Hangzhou, come from cross-strait expert, enterprise, operation business reachs Xiamen government orgnaization, build a case in the light of our country FTTH, discuss the FTTH that suits Chinese characteristic to develop plan jointly.

Expect your participation and support, make us can collective wait for the industry of glossy news report of hair to lay in force for global labor force, FTTH of collective stimulative Xiamen develops Rong Jing.

Conference time: Round-the-clock on April 9, 2006

Meeting site: Xiamen city international exhibition center watchs sea hall

Theme: 1, drive Xiamen FTTH (fiber-optic to door) development

2, communication of experience of FTTH construction, operation

3, governmental policy is in FTTH developing action

Sponsor square: Bureau of Xiamen city science and technology

Bureau of Information Industry of mansion retail sales

Undertake square: China (Xiamen) international investment promotes a center

Guild of Xiamen city photoelectron

Science and technology of Xiamen two sides of the Taiwan Straits and communication collaboration association

Industry of Taiwan light communication is allied

Assist do square: Dispatch stone information consults a company

Fiber-optic and online

Xiamen limited company of science and technology of 3 actor smooth Electromechanical

Limited company of chip of high speed of Xiamen actor fast

Association of real estate of mansion retail sales

The conference plays a boy or girl friend: Cross-strait FTTH opens project delegate, local government information manages staff, operation business, cable television network, manufacturer of equipment, system, content provides a firm, manufacturer of parts of an apparatus, fiber-optic cable firm, business of instrument and meter plant, engineering firm, estate company, media
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