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Air current spins electronic yarn clearer
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Improve the quality of air current spinning, it is the problem that each spin enterprise cares most. Well-known, in spinning process, electronic yarn clearer is the effective device that keep clear of effectively and controls gauze defect, indispensable main unit. Turn the new machine of a cup of spinning machine or old machine, installing electronic yarn clearer is inevitable trend.

By the QSD of initiate of limited company of electron of the deer on Shanghai, 18 model turn cup spin electronic yarn clearer, its are main characteristic

1. ) use photoelectricity to detect principle, differentiate gauze defect is close to the person's vision quite. Illuminant turns valve of glow of gallium LED infra-red solid with arsenic, what do not suffer fiber sort, yarn so is pure spin or of the element such as blending and workshop environment temperature and humidity change and affect.

2) . Install to maintain turning the long-term job of Qing Dynasty of electrify of cup spinning machine is stable and reliable. Designed automatic compensation circuit technically. It can be right detect the wave motion of area accumulating ash, pollution, power source and use for a long time may bring about an electron yuan the change of the luminous flux that place of change of performance of report of parts of an apparatus causes, undertake be compensatinged automatically inside bigger range, in order to increase the dependability that electric Qing Dynasty works and stability.

3) , knot of can cleared cotton, short thick length, long thick red-letter day, long detail, double gauze, detail and defect of wooden grain gauze of all kinds working procedure of the line after be opposite and fabric quality have cloggy gauze flaw. In the light of turn cup spin winding linear velocity inferior this one characteristic, designed the special circuit that suits to move at low speed technically, turn in order to ensure cup spin in low speed (be like 30 meters / second) when moving, still have satisfactory clear defect effect.

4) . Can return can keep clear of effectively to exceeding norms knot head to undertake, in order to assure yarn quality. Have static function and special circuit

5) can be cleared defect of wooden grain gauze.

6) . Detect head upper part moves of yarn and corrective used indicator light, facilitating user intuitionistic or it is normal that Qing Dynasty of desired result report works.

7) uses IC in great quantities integrated circuit, raised the dependability that whole mechanic makes.

Clear gauze carries out structural cent to be 3 kinds: (1) takes cutting tool function; (2) does not take cutting tool function, control air current is spun of machine for cotton implement (3) takes cutting tool function, control air current to spin of machine for cotton implement.

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