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Invite public bidding of project of supervisory system of video of Dalian city p
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[Date: 2006-11-23]

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Dalian east big move bids acting limited company suffers Dalian city public security bureau to entrust, for its project of video supervisory system purchases a project to undertake publicity invite public bidding, the bidder that welcomes to have aptitude comes round to bid.

1. Number of invite public bidding: DDZTB2006109

2. Content of invite public bidding:

The first part: Wei of elder brother of paddle Bo scabbard catchs   leisurely to guide Nie Gao all toes step on analyse Dong Jian is low

One, supervisory system of video of public security trends

Build area: 1, supervisory system of municipal Party committee is transformed

2, municipal government supervisory system is transformed

3, construction of astral sea square

2, plate identifying system

Build area: 1, revitalize a road two-way 10 driveway car identifies

2, 201 countries two-way 4 driveway car identifies

3, 202 nations line collects fees two-way car identifies the mouth

4, car of square of the room that pull a tree identifies

5, construction of center of group blocking a dot

3, circuit is transformed

The 2nd part: Little remote in time or space of fierce a surname of paddle Bo scabbard arrives blame  of press and smooth of meat and fish dishes teachs

(Specific content and technical standards and requirement detailed see document of invite public bidding)

Note: Respect grasp Piao of box of suck of over sixty years of age of Dong of  of  of duty of inclined Ling annulus  revive inclined Po paragraph Ы  Dong stops

3. Bidder qualification condition:

(1) registers capital gold not under the RMB 3 million yuan (contain 3 million yuan) legal entity;

(The Liaoning that 2) bidder must have Liaoning to save a Public Security Department to issue saves safe technology to be on guard above of class of two of establishment design construction (the class that contain two) intelligence letter;

(3) bidder must have major of Cheng of building intelligence chemical industry to contract three class above (contain three level) intelligence letter;

(4) other place bids the unit must have the classics Dalian that can provide technical support and after service the branch that industrial and commercial bureau registers or by the has corporate organization collaboration company of accredit, offer relevant proof;

(5) bidder must manage systematic attestation; through ISO9001 quality

(6) bidder needs to offer 3 above (contain 3) ; of outstanding achievement of nearly 3 years of similar items
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