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Guangdong network facilities and supervisory system purchase announcement of inv
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[Date: 2006-11-23]

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Suffer entrust, purchase an item with respect to facilities of office building network and supervisory system (declare book number: 62174, number of invite public bidding: SFCX2006 - 00 - A0009) the domestic bidder that accepts qualification is referred sealed bid. Concerned item is as follows:

One, the name of project of invite public bidding, utility, amount, brief technology asks or the property of project of invite public bidding

Project content: Network facilities and supervisory system 1 batch.

2, supplier qualification requirement

1, the legal entity that churchyard of People's Republic of China registers, have relevant scope of operations, register fund 3 million yuan of not less than RMBs;

2, must manage systematic attestation through ISO9001 quality, have computer information system compositive intelligence letter and province security technology are on guard certificate of grade of systematic design, construction, maintenance;

3, there are amounts of not less than 3 individual projects inside nearly two years 500 thousand above (contain 500 thousand) successful case;

4, in the after service orgnaization that has stability;

3, the time that gets document of invite public bidding, means and price of file of invite public bidding

1, get time of file of invite public bidding: Come since this day on December 1, 2006 (holiday except) , in the morning 9: 00 ~ 11: 30, afternoon 14: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Beijing time) .

2, get way of file of invite public bidding: The spot is bought or mail-order of domestic bank remit money.
The spot buys: Supplier delegate carries qualification of business charter, supplier other aptitude proves a file in the requirement (nuclear check original, leave Xerox, xerox builds official seal) reach legal person to represent accredit a power of attorney, to purchase acting orgnaization to fill in " bid registration form signing up " deal with formalities signing up.
If need mail-order, please at dealing with remittance formalities hind, concerned data of the money before the fax, money order bill and " bid registration form signing up " to purchase acting orgnaization.

3, price of file of invite public bidding: Every cover a RMB 300 yuan; Be like mail-order, every are added receive a RMB 50 yuan. After the file makes work, invite public bidding is not retreated.

4, bid end time of time, open sealed tenders

1, hand over bid file time: On December 13, 2006 afternoon 14: 00 ~ 14: 30.

2, bid end reach time of open sealed tenders: On December 13, 2006 afternoon 14 when 30 minutes.

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