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Supervisory system of Public Security Department purchases an item emulative neg
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[Date: 2006-11-23]

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Number of invite public bidding: LJT2006090

Project number: LJT2006090

Project name: Provide for  " low mew of impossible of Nie of  Cai  is basked in

Purchase acting orgnaization:  of Xing of moraine of  of Beng of mound of ㄍ of provide for  Dong aing kind of sweet grass

1, Liaoning is built cast enrol those who bid acting limited company suffers Liaoning to save a Public Security Department to entrust, purchase acting orgnaization for what Liaoning saves project of supervisory system of Public Security Department, the firm that invites qualification now and supplier attend.

2, purchase content to be as follows:

System of the first packet of entrance guard, perambulatory, consumption, registration of vehicles

Equipment of broadcast of intelligence of the 2nd packet of number

The 3rd packet of wireless information is diagnosed, screen system

3, spot reconnaissance time, place: 26 years on November 23 morning 9:00 when make side door of Public Security Department.

4, this second purchase an item, bidder can cast a packet or much bag, but contain content to must be cast completely to every packets of place, answer blame be regardinged as the gender to bid otherwise and be rejected.

5, time of put on sale of emulative negotiation file, place: Hertz  accumulate without exception?006 of form collect  year build in Liaoning since November 17 cast action bid acting limited company (edifice of ground kingdom border 10 buildings) sell (the 8:0 inside weekday0-17:00) .

6, price of emulative negotiation file: ?00.00 of addiction of heir of quarter at present yuan (cash) . If need to mail,pay express delivery of 50 yuan of RMBs additionally fee please, after the file makes work, emulative negotiation is not retreated.

7, receive bid the cut-off of the file time is on November 25, 2006 9:00 when whole.

8, the time of emulative negotiation, place: 26 years on November 25 9:00 when whole, build in Liaoning cast action bid 1011 assembly room hold acting limited company.

Purchase acting orgnaization:  of Xing of moraine of  of Beng of mound of ㄍ of provide for  Dong aing kind of sweet grass

Address: Date of?1-1 of chapter of bursa of  of care of oyster of Ting carbonyl orangutan (edifice of ground kingdom border 10 buildings 1012 rooms)

Zip code: 110014

Contact: Tai? Yang Guang

Phone: 024-83962898-824, 803

Fax: 024-83962800-811

The email: WAngtao_2308@163.com

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