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Balefire communication wins the bid Chinese UniCom Beijing -- Shanghai country f
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Recently, transmit a message from headquarters of Chinese UniCom group: Through stability of advanced to comprehensive strength of manufacturer of domestic and international numerous and famous communication, technology sex, equipment, and after the network examines integratedly of the many sided element such as program ability, final make choice of assumes Chinese UniCom by balefire communication " Beijing -- Shanghai " the construction job of transmission project of national first-class trunk. This is the further cooperation that both sides transmits network construction to go up in national key member.

To raise the transmission capacity of the network and intelligent character further, get used to existing and deferent network adequately to be down generation intelligence optical network the trend of flowing gradual progress, chinese UniCom quickened the construction strength that transmits a network to national base at the near future. Balefire communication is aimed at " Beijing - Shanghai " the construction demand of national first-class trunk, in mature can last to the patulous, network that invests cost, new business after the element of the many sided such as development, supplied equipment of the solution of intelligent optical network with quantity custom-built body and FonsWeaver series ASON. This plan has perfect distributed intelligence, rich business interface and outstanding data to optimize processing capability, protection of supportive annulus net differs to Mesh net what politic link restores is flowing upgrade, the network resists multiple breakdown ability increases greatly, can provide the service of a variety of advantageous character and high reliable, mutiple level, much order and degree. This a series of advantageous character is down generation intelligence optical network for the existing network of operation business flowing gradual progress laid solid foundation. After project complete, can satisfy two internationalization of Beijing, Shanghai not only the demand of the data business of metropolitan current and swift and violent development and business of big client special railway line, and still can answer coming 3G leisurely mobile develops a climax, get used to a network the trend of flowing gradual progress.

Regard home as outstanding mainstream equipment manufacturer, balefire communication insists to the technology innovates and serve innovation from beginning to end, the network solution that devotes oneself to to will precede and communication product serve to be built at the network of telegraphic operation business. End at present, equipment of ASON of series of balefire communication FonsWeaver and solution of intelligent optical network apply extensively already at net of telecommunication of Chinese UniCom, China, China to connect, in the network construction that the whole nation of the operation business such as Chinese shift visits town more than 20 times, also achieved major breakthrough in the international market.
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