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Win the bid with square wiring Jiangsu officer officer opens a project
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Recently, teaching industry domain to win the bid continuously with product of wiring of series of square POWER CONNECTION, project project has Jiangsu to save too officer of officer of city middle school opens the warehouse, Jiangsu province appropriate promotes officer of officer of city middle and primary school to connect. These two projects are used respectively with square 6 kinds are mixed exceed 5 kinds of series integrated wiring product, 2500 many information order total.

Campus net is the infrastructure of modern education, the requirement should stabilize safety already, want to conform with technology of new generation Internet again. With square POWER CONNECTION integrated wiring makes speech and data communication equipment, switching equipment equipment, information runs system and system of device control character, safe system each other are linked together, also make these equipment and photograph of exterior communication network join, each branches that are the school (the branch such as management of education management, scientific research management, archives of one's status as a student, logistics management) education informatization provided efficient, reliable management method and favorable network environment.

Just have the integrated wiring product of whole set together, include among them, layout of wire cable, data is worn, 110 layout are worn, module, face plate, data jumps line, the tool and product of completely fiber-optic wiring includes cable of room inside and outside, fiber-optic layout to wear, fiber-optic coupler, fiber-optic jump the line, it is home provides one of firms with integrated wiring more all ready line of the products. High quality product and good sexual value are compared is south the main reason that opens university, Beijing to combine the university of a batch of keys such as the university to choose to be the same as square integrated wiring. Just will be chance with this together, combine the advantage of oneself, the better educational informatization that is China helps strength.

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