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Molex wiring system wins the bid the liberation army some confidential place
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Recently, the Chinese People's Liberation Army that mark is located in area of Chinese China north in Molex success is naval the integrated wiring project of some confidential place. Because drag in goes to China orgnaization of governmental military affairs, this project has confidential sex of height, the difficulty of wiring system also exceeds average company greatly, the requirement that transmits speed to the network especially strict. Face the intense enter into rivalry of the competitor inside numerous course of study, molex final ability presses a large number of heroes, with one action carries off last victory, won navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army the agree of some confidential place.

This the data network share of integrated wiring project uses Molex6 kind screen system, trunk uses Molex6 core indoor much model is fiber-optic, made sure the system satisfied the user need to 6 kinds of systems again to the requirement of screen already. This system shares data of 6 kinds of screen to nod 500, installation test ends and already threw normal application now, carry the transmission task with very main program. This system includes 1100 speech feature additionally, use Molex to exceed product of system of screen of 5 kinds of blame entirely. Screen and blame screen module chose the place inside Molex dustproof door product, all face plate also choose Molex Synergy series to assemble a product formerly. Whole system, no matter be function or beautiful respect,got an user approbate. The contest bid of this one project is successful, farther broadness became big the difference between Molex and its competitor, proved the abundant actual strength of Molex again.

Ministry of network of Molex enterprise wiring has professional experience of more than 20 years, it is one of manufacturer of structured wiring system with the longest history on the world. 1998, ministry of network of Molex enterprise wiring begins to enter Chinese market gradually, developed quickly 2000. Come 8 years, devote oneself to to offer world-class integrated wiring product and solution and the acceptance that serve this locality market, the result of be obvious to all was obtained in Chinese market, will get all the time for years of the user reputably. Regard a the Chinese People's Liberation Army as admissive integrated wiring system, molex can continue research and development and product of system of newer integrated wiring, carry a trade forever lead position.

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