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Day sea wiring wins the bid information of dormitory of student of division of l
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Fujian Normal University is a key university that has nearly hundred years managerial history, existing Chang'an hill and Fujian Hou go into the street two campuses, cover an area of 240 much square metre, floor area 822 thousand square metre. The Fuzhou City that campus of Fujian Shi Daxin is located in new program goes into the street the end austral town college town, as close as the old campus be apart that is located in downtown 20 kilometers, overall dimensions amounts to new campus student left and right sides of 50 thousand person.

Build need for student dormitory informatization, the construction target of net of dormitory of new campus student is the 23 students boarding house that builds the school in all 11422 news feature joins campus network repeatedly, trunk is used thousand fiber-optic, come true " thousand to floor, hundred to the desktop " structure of garden area network, visit Internet then.

Student dormitory net has the characteristic that general network designs already, have its specialty again, outside the condition such as the dependability that needs besides general network place, stability and security, when undertaking student dormitory net builds a program, still should consider what all information nod to be able to accuse gender, high-powered etc. In design of separate explicit network, how obligate expands the space is mixed undertake investing protective, in order to satisfy the demand of new application and information content growth and metabolic need, also be the element that student dormitory net needs to consider mainly in construction process.

The professional manufacturer ― that regards domestic network as communication and broadband technology day sea communication, from 1994 the beginning of the year began to there is bigger change in the development respect of telegraphic industry market. System of day sea wiring has excellent product quality, channel (Channel) all medium components check through strict function, day sea communication establishs department of integrated wiring career this year, increased the investment of research and development to wiring product, of product business begin ceaselessly, of the stability that will be a network as the integrated wiring system of network foundation, high quality move provide strong safeguard. This project will use day of of great capacity system of wiring of screen of 5 kinds of blame, its are high level, tall the affirmation that the integrated wiring product of craft, high quality acquires an user. The new campus after construction is good is becoming fellow students stage by stage civilized, up, warm new home.

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