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Pu Lichi wins the bid edifice of international of grand of live abroad of lake o
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Pu Lichi of manufacturer of world-famous integrated wiring (PLEACH) the company depends on its high grade product, favorable fame with one action wins the bid edifice of international of grand of live abroad of lake of overgrown with weeds, news feature amounts to 10000 a little bit, choose Pu Lichi company to exceed solution of product of integrated wiring of screen of 5 kinds of blame entirely. This project already starred building formally in August 2006.

System of this system standard offerred sexual price to compare exceed system of 5 kinds of wiring high, systematic main force introduced the much model that applies to different environment requirement fiber-optic product, system of whole and integrated wiring satisfies an user to show some application already, support prospective demand again, reflected practical, advanced sex, can expand wait for a characteristic, configuration can be achieved after investment is used agile, manage easily, safeguard easily, easily the purpose of augment, compose of edifice of international of grand of live abroad of the lake that it is overgrown with weeds built platform of high speed information.

Pu Lichi exceeds system of cable of copper of screen of 5 kinds of blame is to include electrical outlet module, layout wearing, exceed 5 kinds to jump the line, whole solution that exceeds composition of cable of 5 kinds of wires. Among them module can be offerred dozen of line and avoid the style that make a line, whether can the user also need to contain dust cover according to needing actually to choose; Layout wearing has quick style and module combined-type, its function exceeded the level that exceeds 5 kinds, exceed 5 kinds of systems to jump mediumly 100% tests are passed before the line leaves factory, can offer all sorts of length and color according to client demand.

Enter Chinese market nearly one year to come, pu Lichi (PLEACH) with its advanced world-class solution of integrated wiring system and perfect this locality change the market to serve a system, got numerous user approbate, also obtained the result that your person fixes eyes upon. Pu Lichi (PLEACH) still will offer more high grade product kimono Wu as always for the user, take an active part in informatization construction of China.

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