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Lan Zeng of plum orchid day adds up to wiring system to win the bid successfully
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Center of Jinan government affairs is located in new the city zone of Jinan city the eastpart part, to build building of office of Jinan municipal government. Project covers an area of about 400 mus, total floor area 350 thousand smooth rice, it is at present office of the largest part, administration examines and approve the whole nation, the government affairs center that the function such as the conference and fund calculation is an organic whole.

Recently, lan Zeng of day of electric Mei Lan adds up to Shi Naide the service with wiring the technology with its outstanding product performance, major, excellent product, show itself in strict product test, win the bid successfully center of Jinan government affairs is integrated wiring project.

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This project will use Shi Naide Meilanrilan is not screen and system of 6 kinds of screen 6 kinds, add up to feature of more than 42000 news, be up to now the monomer with domestic the largest scale builds wiring project.

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