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Integrated wiring, computer room decorates Guizhou reach network equipment invit
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Number of invite public bidding: GBZ2006-0038
Limited company of Guizhou Province invite public bidding suffers those who purchase a person to entrust, integrated to its wiring, computer room is decorated reach network equipment to purchase a project to undertake home makes public invite public bidding, the supplier that welcomes home to have corresponding capacity attends bid.
One, aptitude requirement: Every answers the supplier of this second invite public bidding, must obtain " Guizhou Province government purchases certificate of supplier admittance qualification " or point of procurement control of government of hall of Guizhou Province finance reachs before bidding (0851-6893267) register put on record, have 3 class and gather into one of above computer science department compositive aptitude, how to prevent the aptitude, confidential aptitude, aptitude that prevent thunder, the agent must offer place to cast main equipment manufacturer to be aimed at the accredit book of project of this second invite public bidding.
2, content of invite public bidding: Include integrated wiring, computer room to decorate wait for project and network equipment a batch (see accessory) .
3, time of file of invite public bidding of put on sale: Rose on September 5, 2006 (in the morning 9-11: 30 when, afternoon 14: 30-17: 30 when, holiday except) . Price of file of invite public bidding: Heir addiction?00 yuan, if require express delivery, add 50 yuan additionally. Limited company of Guizhou Province invite public bidding opens an account bank: Subbranch of a bank of luck of Beijing of city of Construction Bank Guiyang, zhang date: 52001433600050006819
4, bid end reach time of open sealed tenders: On September 26, 2006 (Tuesday) in the morning 10 when
5, place of open sealed tenders: Limited company of Guizhou Province invite public bidding hall of 4 buildings open sealed tenders
6, contact a place: Road of Beijing of city of Guizhou Province Guiyang 225 (postcode: 550004)
7, connect a section: The government is purchased place
Contact: Fencing 珺 horse jades
Phone: 0851-6813001 6812806
Fax: 0851-6823602
Network address: Www.gzzbgs.com
Limited company of Guizhou Province invite public bidding
2 Ο Ο 6 years on September 5


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