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About holding " integrated wiring " , " Lou Yu accuses oneself " groom class (Na
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Carry out to carry out system of vocational training certificate is pursued inside the industry, raise intelligence to build the professional technology level from personnel of course of study, level of state of integrated wiring of the need that admits to cooperate the Information Industry and building intelligence to change construction and our country " building and build projects of group of integrated wiring system to design a standard " (GB/T 50311-2000) , " building and build standards of group of acceptance of work of integrated wiring system " (GB/T 50312-2000) popularize and carry out, appraisal of skill of profession of industry of classics MII electron coachs center and company of Beijing Sai Di medium combine accredit, technology of building of intelligence of institute of construction ministry cadre grooms the office coordinates activity of be linked together of countrywide standard announce, will continue to hold " MII grooms from technology of profession of personnel of course of study class (integrated wiring is professional) " and " MII grooms from technology of profession of personnel of course of study class (Lou Yu accuses major oneself) " , nanjing area is held by cooperation of limited company of intelligence of space of floor of Nanjing general day, inform concerned item as follows now:

One, groom means:

(1) groom the special teaching material that the class uses appraisal of skill of profession of MII electron industry to coach the center sets, invite the expert that write teaching material and has rich engineering experience is participated in to visit inside course of study give lessons, introduce type selecting of domestic and international standard, product and ABC in detail;

(2) movable hand fact does student, arrive from equipment type selecting wiring, installation, debug, check and accept wait for whole process, in order to achieve a study sth in order to apply it (only wiring is professional) ;

(3) list example, explain plan design and the process that deepen a design in detail, analyse common problem.

2, groom purpose:

Make through grooming student understands integrated wiring in the round (or Lou Yu accuses oneself) standard and standard; The system masters integrated wiring system (or Lou Yu accuses oneself) demand of construction of principle of type selecting of engineering design method, equipment, installation, system testing and check and accept wait for relevant knowledge and applied technology; Hep and integrated wiring (or Lou Yu accuses oneself) project action bids of plan make with action bid of skill apply; Increase analysis and processing building intelligence to change systematic project middling to see the ability of the problem, achieve intelligence to build from the technical level with necessary staff of course of study, can assume building intelligence to change systematic engineering design and construction job independently.

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