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Integrated wiring purchases network of campus of limited company of invite publi
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One, project name: Integrated wiring purchases campus network

2, project number: GXYLJ20061087

3, purchase way: Emulative negotiation is purchased

4, emulative negotiation purchases put on sale conditional book time: Came on August 24, 2006 on August 30 18 when (normal working hours)

5, contest mark ends time: On August 31, 2006 morning 9 when 30 minutes

6, clinch a deal result announcement time: On September 5, 2006, on September 13, 2006 (in all 7 weekday)

7, clinch a deal result:


Clinch a deal supplier

Clinch a deal amount (yuan)


System of Chinese telegraphic group is compositive and limited liability company


8, member of the committee that review bid

Expert commissioner list

Mou Xiang, Zou celebrates smooth, Chen Mingxian, Mao Jianjun

Purchase an unit to represent

Wei Shaobo


Li Daojun

9, explain:

1, contest mark person thinks to clinch a deal to make his rights and interests is damaged as a result, can clinch a deal oneself the result is common inside 7 weekday since shown day raise doubt to limited company of invite public bidding of Guangxi cloud dragon with written form above all. If the answer to limited company of invite public bidding of Guangxi cloud dragon is dissatisfactory or limited company of Yun Long invite public bidding was not in Guangxi reply is made inside formulary time, can expire in answer the book inside 15 weekday faces department of finance of government of the people that be the same as class to complain.

2, doubt phone: 0771-2618118 FAX of limited company of invite public bidding of Guangxi cloud dragon: 0771-2621868

3, oppugn and complain written requirement:

(Phone of 1) doubt person or the unit name that complain a person or full name, detailed address, zip code, connection.

(2) is oppugned person or the unit name of the person that be complained or full name.

(3) doubt or complained fact reach ground.

(4) is concerned violate compasses illegal condition and valid proof material.

(5) oppugns person or the lot that complain a person to the chapter reachs doubt or complain time.

If do not press what the regulation is oppugned or complain, regard as invalid complain, do not grant accept

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