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Key of domain of key of harbor of 2006 another name for Guangdong Province break
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The to economic society progress major area moves action crucial field that comply with Hu Jintao's secretary-general put forward during Guangdong makes an on-the-spot investigation 2003 has key breakthrough and the demonstrative mind that strengthen own innovation, it is a guideline in order to build innovation country and innovation Guangdong, hold to scientific progress view, in order to increase own innovation ability, promotion industrial competition ability, accelerate fulfil construction science and technology to be saved by force, walk along new-style industrialized road, overall construction around Guangdong comparatively well-off society, take the lead in coming true basically modernization and strengthen harbor of another name for Guangdong Province two ground are close together the catalogue symptom that collaboration, seek flourishs jointly and develops, guangdong saves people government and government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to decide, face harbor of another name for Guangdong Province two ground economy and the key demand that the society develops pair of science and technology, the forerunner that develops scientific research and technical innovation and the action that prop up, tackle key problem with science and technology of technology of pillar industry, general character, practical technology nod to be cut, 6 domains such as medicine of collective option information and communication, accurate production technology and product, new material, biology and healthy, new energy resources and resource environmental protection and contemporary agriculture begin associated invite public bidding, undertake special science and technology tackles key problem. Aim at international advanced level, strengthen own research is developed and introduce innovation, strive to achieve key breakthrough, drive an industry to span type develops, harbor of stimulative another name for Guangdong Province the promotion of competition ability of two ground international, drive the rapid development of economy of region of economy of extensive bead triangle.

This second invite public bidding encourages harbor of another name for Guangdong Province two ground college, enterprise and combination of scientific research orgnaization bid, encourage produce learn to grind collaboration, encourage college of directly under of Ministry of Education to participate in combination to bid, coequal condition issues first support. This second invite public bidding comply with " invite public bidding of People's Republic of China bids law " , " invite public bidding of project of science and technology bids run temporary measure " (country division hair plan word [2000]589 date) , " Guangdong saves measure of government of invite public bidding of project of great science and technology " (division of another name for Guangdong Province plan word [1999]138 date) , " . The project that Hong Kong funds concerns the regulation of law, code to undertake by Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
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