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Advance river city installs equipment of lab of network of sea duty school, inte
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Equipment of the network lab that advisory limited company of invite public bidding of constant of letter of fontal state city suffers advance river city to install sea duty school to entrust pair of this school place to need, integrated wiring, multimedia and service are purchased undertake publicity invite public bidding, the supplier that welcomes to accord with qualificatory condition comes round to bid.

End bid time: 26 years on August 21

1, purchase number: QXHJ6001 (JJCG2006-131)

2, purchase an unit: Advance river city brings sea duty officer

3, purchase unit address: An Haixing brings a way

4, purchase unit contact: Laurel teacher, colour the teacher connects a telephone call: 85702506

5, purchase an item: Network lab, integrated wiring, multimedia equipment each one (detailed of specific technology requirement sees purchase a file)

6, capital quality: The unit prepares oneself

7, purchase way: Make public invite public bidding;

8, bidder qualification:

(1) is had independent legal entity that purchases goods right of administration, bidder registers capital to must reach above in 3 million yuan.

(2) is the manufacturer of the product or acting agency.

(3) bidder should offer a proof data of qualification of relevant company actual strength, wait for Xerox like certificate of quality system attestation, network engineer attestation.

(4) bids the specifications of the product must offer national level to detect of the orgnaization detect file (original for future reference) .

(5) bidder must offer 1 to reach lab of above place network to build case, offer contract book photocopy and user to check and accept proof data) .

(6) bidder should be offerred provide equipment of PC, projector, network and manufacturer of integrated wiring product the accredit case to purchasing an item and original of guarantee of quality.

(7) has good commercial reputation and perfect financial institution.

(8) has lawfully the good record of pay revenue and social security capital.

(Inside before 9) attends a government to purchase an activity 3 years, without major illegal record.

(The other condition that 10) law, administrative regulations sets.

9, get purchase file time: The supplier that condition signing up accords with since this day can be contacted buy " purchase a file " ,

10, hand over bid the file ends time: On August 21, 2006 morning 9: 00 when, bid the delegate attends open sealed tenders to meet please at the appointed time, service of exceed the time limit or do not accord with what file of invite public bidding sets to bid file excuse me is not accepted.

11, time of open sealed tenders: On August 21, 2006 morning 9: 00 when;
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