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The invite public bidding such as equipment of education of college of technolog
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The invite public bidding such as equipment of education of college of technology of Henan industry worker

Number of invite public bidding

Comfort money invite public bidding is purchased (2006) 166 (always the 886th)

Limits of invite public bidding


Orgnaization of invite public bidding

Mark dispatch brief introduction

Henan is saved politics connect limited company of invite public bidding to suffer institute of technology of Henan industry worker to entrust, wait with respect to education equipment undertake invite public bidding is purchased publicity, the supplier that welcomes to accord with relevant condition now attends bid.
One, name of project of invite public bidding and number: Education equipment; Comfort money invite public bidding is purchased (2006) 166 (always the 886th) .
2, project of invite public bidding is brief explain: This second invite public bidding shares 12 prize paragraph, the item that invite public bidding involves has:
Project A: Equipment of car experiment solid train, include stage of experiment of engine of system of test of ABS brake system, derv to wait;
Project B: Construction project uses instrument device, have an electron altazimuth, full automatic number of appearance of digital spring back, unifinication is supersonic appearance;
Project C: Photoelectricity lab equipment, include platform of experiment of photoelectricity technology principle, photoelectricity to contact amphibious revolution counter to wait;
Project D: Equipment of floor space wiring, yu Zeng having a building adds up to wiring and device of experiment of computer network system, Lou Yu plant of solid model of integrated wiring system;
Project E: Optics machines equipment, include mill to grind machine, essence to grind machine, polisher to wait;
Project F: Computer equipment, brand computer wait 230 times;
Project G: Network equipment, include memory of frame type server, 2TB, computer, thousand switching equipment to wait;
Project H: Software project, include numerical control to emulate software, test software, applied server software;
Project I: Network lab equipment, road of core of controller of the administration that string together a mouth, IPV6 by switching equipment, road by implement wait;
Project J: Content sorts lab equipment, include ERP imitate sand table advocate dish, radio frequency of label of product line pattern plate, market contest odd pattern plate, product, RFID identifies label of system, electron to assist equipment of office of the system that choose goods, system and unit experiment to wait;
Project K: Projector equipment, include projector, result to put equipment of sound of machine, enlarge to wait;
Project L: Musical instrument equipment, include flute, trombone, bass to fall trumpet of B calabash silk, high Sakesi, brass band, Zhu Di.
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