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Too extremely win the bid go in for sth in a large scale intelligence of governm
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Recently, too extremely computer Inc. is in go in for sth in a large scale the government serves office building intelligence integratedly to change in transforming project invite public bidding, show itself from inside provider of service of much home IT, the deep understanding that reachs pair of governmental business flow by right of comprehensive intelligent building solution measured a body to make proposal of set prescription of first-rate system collect for this project, win the bid successfully by right of this plan.

Total floor area of integrated service office building makes an appointment with this government 38 thousand smooth rice, intelligence changes a system to build the development tide that turns technology and equipment according to building intelligence currently, link the informatization demand of governmental office and government affairs service, be designed according to practical, managing principle and carry out. Specific construction content includes intelligence to change a system compositive, system debugs installation of design of the overall planning that system of total compositive IBMS, integrated wiring, Lou Yu accuses how to prevent more than 10 system such as the system and computer room project system, integratedly to wait oneself, plan, equipment, system, software development, system testing.

Too extremely Lou Yu science and technology and cadre of digital community facilities will be in charge of this project carry out, after systematic building, go in for sth in a large scale the help the government improves service and level of management effectively.

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