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Bring group of iron and steel of general wiring Taiyuan
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The near future, choose assessment strictly what pass an user, company of peaceful division electron installs general wiring system to win the bid successfully group of Taiyuan iron and steel, for its computer network ties way of high speed of all laid information. Group of Taiyuan iron and steel is purchased inside a year amount to feature of 30 thousand news, the wiring that install general offerred what function maturity stabilizes to exceed shop of system of 5 kinds of wiring to establish its network for the user integrated wiring system.

Limited company of group of Taiyuan iron and steel is the oversize integrated iron and steel works that gives priority to with producing board, it is the company of stainless steel production with the biggest chinese mainland, rank world stainless steel 8 strong cavalcade.

The wiring that install general (AMP NETCONNECT) it is the wiring product trademark with well-known whole world, by right of peaceful division electron the long-term technology advantage in communication connector domain and powerful research and development, design is mixed productivity, offer high-powered structure product of integrated wiring system.

Regard wiring industry technology as the leader of development and solution, company of peaceful division electron has perfect product line, can offer those who accord with international standard from fiber-optic the wiring product of the whole set to cupreous cable, can make sure the place in construction uses the conformance to specification of package, thereby from go up at all the quality that assured wiring system. The product of cupreous cable system that uses in the project, pass strict test, accord with international standard requirement, apply already successfully at including the many fields such as finance, government, education, medical treatment, be maturity of the wiring that install general, the wiring system product that tall sex price compares.

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