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Love amounts to dispatch to win the bid center of Lu Zhongpei example
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Recently, england is famous wiring manufacturer -- love amounts to dispatch company (ADDISON) obtain the money in be Shandong Zi Bolu successfully meeting computer grooms the center offers love to amount to the dispatch speech, qualification that exceeds product of 5 kinds of wiring.

Lu Zhongcai can groom the center is travel of a collect, business lives, recreation, recreational, hold the conference to reach of all kinds groom those who be an organic whole is advanced recieve guesthouse, cover an area of a face to accumulate more than 100 mus, establishment presses build of level of 4 stars grade, be subordinate to belongs to Bureau of Finance of Zi rich city. Be located at the Zi of Lu Zhongming city with beautiful scene plain area churchyard, border cattail Song Lingxian gives birth to former residence, central environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, structure style is distinctive. Use love to amount to the product of dispatch, those who assured a network is practical, security, advanced sex and dependability, upgrade for the network system henceforth provided powerful physical condition support.

England loves to amount to dispatch to prop up a service to be project of center of Lu Zhongpei example to escort the Emperor by right of its powerful technology convoy.

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