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Extensive amounts to career of the medical treatment that help strength, write d
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Be located in Zhejiang to save the Zhejiang of Hangzhou city Qing Chunlu to visit the first hospital is Zhejiang province the hospital with best level of the biggest, medical treatment, quantity of average outpatient service exceeds day 6000 people. Be in respectively 1998 and built two medicine building 2002, expand because of business now demand, amount to the integrated ward building of 80 thousand square metre at beginning to build an area in May 2006, still will predict to build building of a surgical operation again.

American extensive amounts to a company to be compared by right of the good communication, product that provides distinguishing feature extremely and strong sexual price, in partner SUPCON, of MAXQUEEN cooperate to fall, with one action wins the bid the integrated wiring of integrated ward building builds a project, 6 kinds when this project used extensive to amount to are mixed fiber-optic to desktop system, trunk uses cable of 5 kinds of the ten thousand cable that extensive amounts to, big logarithm, add up to 5000 a little bit or so, predict to be in in December 2006 complete.

This project has massive force to industry of medical treatment of Zhejiang province and even Hua Dong area, for medical treatment industry faster, more perfect enter informatization orbit to carry fast. And the potential client in still affecting trade of several medical treatment, make American extensive amounts to a company to make one of first selection that medical treatment informatization builds.

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