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The stage amounts to UPS to ensure free not to have block all right for passenge
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As we have learned, this the international of building of 2 boat station takes capital airport a central system project, it is a stage only only report is amounted to to open one of projects that build for Beijing Olympic Games in amounting to —— of electronic group subsidiary. Olympic Games, the communication power source that report amounts to to connect in is applied extensively at cubic metre of water of ” of “ bird's nest, “ in the project of construction of place of each big Olympic Games such as house of center of gymnasium of ” , country, abstruse body, the stage amounts to transducer to be irrigated at the greenbelt outside bird's nest by application, reach the Guan Yaji inside bird's nest army ensign rises fall system, and in amount to report to connected clear and flowery DLP big screen to garrison competition ground of Qingdao Ao Fan successfully also, the “ vole ” that realized department of trade of 3 important matters to have Olympic Games of Beijing of product, plan application.

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