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The stage amounts to UPS to ensure free not to have block all right for passenge
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The Olympic Games of Beijing of thing nothing is more... than that made a person fix eyes upon most 2008. On August 8, stirring Beijing Olympic Games kicks off successfully, support Beijing Olympic Games with all sorts of means in the people of the whole country, when acclaiming for Beijing Olympic Games, the stage amounts to UPS to be capital airport international takes floor of 2 boat station the action that convoy ” escorts the Emperor to “ since the normal power supply of a central system.

As we have learned, capital airport floor area of principal part of building of 2 boat station 336 thousand square metre, project extend total investment is nine billion one hundred and eighty-four million one hundred and twenty thousand yuan (contain 203 million dollar) , in addition, the aircraft parking area that still has 464 thousand square metre jockeys with what can provide more than 4000 parking space building. As the drawing near of the Olympic Games, capital International Airport enters busy operation state, among them building of 2 boat station serves as current advocate one of battalion motion divisions, running all international airliner and partial home flight number.

Relevant data shows, 2008 during the Olympic Games, the passenger flow of capital International Airport measures mushroom, discharge of airport height guest will achieve 5.56 million person-time, be at ordinary times what lunar passenger flow measures is decuple, of the airport consign a Li Shu to also be achieved new tall, and take a system as what be in charge of handling passenger baggage, be like in case produce systematic issue to will cause airport traffic disorder or incident of airliner incur loss through delay. Accordingly, ensure of center of airport baggage system move normally, smooth to ensuring airport traffic, accelerate ground processing to arrive at, the rate that board the plane and leaves had a very crucial effect.

Carry safeguard airport this for brave of passenger of Olympic Games international not block, handing in what unobstructed arranges is the UPS equipment of a series that amount to NT. According to introducing, this series UPS used method of distinctive synchronous and phasic modulation, every UPS can ground of “ intelligence ” is in and the synchronism in engine system dogs adjust phasic difference, make every phasic difference is achieved to be the groove of 0 almost between UPS, this series product is returned can real time trends adjusts laden per cent, the load that realizes high accuracy is equational. And the digitlization that is a foundation with high-speed microprocessor is designed and distinctive vulcanize countervail operation is controlled, make the stage amounts to UPS stand-alone between need not adscititious and machine card or and machine ark, use cable of annulus road communication to transmit even fetch real time signal only, can come true most 8 UPS are direct and machine. Besides, NT series still used “ amendatory ” of means of distributed logistic control, make and in engine system every in the adjusting control condition that UPS is in complete “ equal ” , so convenient and mechanic is made can the urgent equipment of UPS of play of more agile ground is diligent can, for capital airport international of building of 2 boat station takes a system to provide the round-the-clock Hou, tall stability, uninterrupted power supply that does not have accident, satisfy its to have the collection of seasonable, automation, processing and issuance need to all sorts of data.
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