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Kang Ning UniCam is fiber-optic and fast the overall introduction of contact
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The fast sex of installation: Operation of fiber-optic and fast joint learns UniCam easily simply. In installing a process, from cable pare, clean, cut, alignment arrives crimp, install an UniCam fiber-optic and fast connect needs 1-2 only minute time, those who assure a project is fast and finishing.

Applied flexibility: UniCam is fiber-optic and fast contact is one kind need not abrade solution, power source, heating furnace does not need when installation or heat the lamp. Installation personnel erect and call in tool all very agile and convenient. Additional, uniCam is fiber-optic and fast the use of contact tool is very simple, operation personnel can be even inside smallpox, shaft undertakes contact is installed in medium and harsh environment.

The diversity of the product: UniCam is fiber-optic and fast contact sort is all ready, provide contact of traditional ST, SC, FC not only, and offer current and popular miniaturization LC, MT-RJ connect and the MTP that amount to 12 core accept product of first class whole set, support all sorts of fiber-optic sort to include single standard, 62.5um much model much model of fiber-optic, 50um and 50 Um laser optimize much model, assure to reach prospective demand at present.

Systematic dependability: Fiber-optic to each UniCam fast connect all is in Kang Ning leave factory the quality with ongoing strict travel detects, make sure its accord with each Kang Ning strict requirement to fiber-optic connect, be accorded with or exceed the Telecordia industrial level that asks in the light of fiber-optic connect function. Kang Ning is detailed and rigid quality standard system, assured to use UniCam the system of fiber-optic and fast connect can run reliably in any moment.

5.UniCam is fiber-optic and fast the comparison of contact and means of common spot termination

? With the comparison of the common connect that heat up frit:

? Installation rate is rapid
? Carry convenient, apply to construction area small, without the abominable installation environment of power source
? Need not bad news material
? Height is mixed reliably steady performance

? With the comparison that end fine frit receives:

? Small device cost reachs totle drilling cost
? Carry convenient, apply to construction area small, without the abominable installation environment of power source
? Small government cost
? Low fiber-optic and redundant


Because UniCam is fiber-optic and extremely fast high gender price compares the performance of on the safe side with height, since coming out 1993, the whole world installed more than 4.038 billion connect already successfully. The numerous advantage with fiber-optic and swift UniCam reduced the totle drilling cost of installation greatly, make the optimal choice of spot termination.

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