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Kang Ning UniCam is fiber-optic and fast the overall introduction of contact
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3.UniCam is fiber-optic and fast contact principle and installation process

UniCam fiber-optic and fast connect calls miniature end minute again appropriate did not pass, there is a paragraph of small plant inside this connect beforehand of buy fiber-optic, works of end panel classics beforehand abrade, spot of other one aspect of the matter is fiber-optic and precise after cut, in inserting the patent cam mechanism inside contact. The spot is fiber-optic with the factory beforehand buy is fiber-optic can get complete protection, do not suffer the effect of environmental element.

Fiber-optic and fast connect basically includes UniCam technology of the following core:

• beforehand buy is fiber-optic end panel laser is abrade technology: Beforehand buy is fiber-optic laser of works of end panel classics is abrade, the 100% strict requirements that make sure fiber-optic connect end faces geometrical appearance;

• beforehand buy refractive index matchs fluid technology: The refractive index inside fiber-optic connect matchs fluid and by the spot of termination fiber-optic fine core has similar refractive index coefficient, assure to be transmitted of smooth signal reliably, improvement inserts the caustic, character that answer caustic;

The high accuracy that • has patent technology is fiber-optic cam mechanism: Cam mechanism uses the rigid structure that contacted at 3 o'clock to be opposite fiber-optic undertake locate accurately and be fixedded, assure the smallest fiber-optic link loss and reliable, safe mechanical function.

UniCam is fiber-optic and fast the installation of contact is very convenient. Above all UniCam fiber-optic and fast connect puts contact tool correctly inside; Open the cable that awaits termination then pare, cleanness is right fiber-optic have cut; Next good cut fiber-optic insert fiber-optic conduit from contact rear inside until with the factory beforehand the fiber-optic link of buy reachs the designated position; Rotational finally cam chains fiber-optic press next crimp handle to make conduit secures fiber-optic jacket, finished UniCam so the installation of fiber-optic and fast connect.

4.UniCam is fiber-optic and fast the advantage of contact

Fiber-optic and fast connect has UniCam multinomial advantage, to the spot fiber-optic termination offerred approximately perfect solution. Its advantage basically reflects in:

Extensive sex of application: No matter machine house-owner layout is worn, the layout intermediate is worn, still be floor subsystem level area of layout wearing, work is fiber-optic to the desktop, fiber-optic and fast connect can offer UniCam quick with simple fiber-optic connect solution, design personnel need not use different termination kind for different application.
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