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Kang Ning UniCam is fiber-optic and fast the overall introduction of contact
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1. overview

Network technology grows change with each passing day, the application of the network also upgrades ceaselessly, raise taller requirement ceaselessly to the bandwidth of wiring system thereby. As thousand, of network of ten thousand aether gain ground, the bandwidth function of cupreous cable system is challenged. Systematic supplier and final user are planning and fiber-optic wiring product is used increasingly when system of design network wiring. Compare with cupreous cable photograph, fiber-optic have volume small, bandwidth capability of tall, interference rejection is strong wait for an advantage. Current, fiber-optic wiring product already no longer confine applies at trunk wiring system, still enter gradually fiber-optic to door (FTTH) , fiber-optic to the desktop (FTTD) wait for applied domain.

In the design of fiber-optic network and installation, besides the performance with good itself of requirement light product, construction also is the very important part in whole process, and fiber-optic termination is offerred fiber-optic the continue between, it is the mainest component in fiber-optic construction, affect the performance of whole system directly. At present the common method of construction of fiber-optic spot termination has spot frit to receive or the spot is abrade two kinds, two kinds of methods all are facing a collective technical challenge: How is that namely assure quality while, raise time of work efficiency, managing installation and cost. The UniCam of Kang Ning company is fiber-optic and fast contact, solve the optimal choice that this one technology challenges just about.

2. UniCam is fiber-optic and fast contact brief introduction

UniCam is fiber-optic and fast contact is Kang Ning company install efficiency to make sure installation quality is mixed and the spot that the tall sex price of research and development compares is fast product. UniCam is fiber-optic and fast contact exterior is similar and traditional the spot is abrade join head, accord with FOCIS standard completely. Series of fiber-optic and fast connect includes UniCam SC, ST, FC, LC, MT-RJ and MTP inside product of all and commonly used sheet, much model. When fiber-optic and fast connect installs UniCam need not abrade, need not note glue, need not bad news material, have installation quality to lead Gao Hean of tall, dependability high, successfully to install wait for a characteristic quickly. In addition, tool of fiber-optic and fast connect carries UniCam convenient, need not power source and illuminative advantage make its have distinct advantage in the application of a few special situations. Be in especially area of a few construction the small, circumstance that disperses without power source, forbidden electric spark or installation position, uniCam is fiber-optic and fast contact is optimal choice.

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