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Company of network of blessing salary gram is newest platform of guard of functi
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This kind new the applied function that roll out monitors a system to be able to raise data to collect efficiency, apace discovery is individual those who pay manageability rate drop phenomenon

Visual Performance Manager Details

Company of Fu Luke network announces the whole world rolls out ” of platform of guard of function of “4.0 edition VPM, this is the property management system of this company latest edition. Platform of guard of function of 4 edition VPM uses high-end “ to use patent of ” of program function solution and software analysis engine, can discover the network uses the source of program performance issue quickly, improve the quality that business serves thereby.

Platform of VPM function guard basically brings IT the section the following the advantage of 3 respects: The performance that decides what use a program easily drops bigger, and use fast associated sex study a function to find out a reason; Use actual client / the appearance that uses a program to answer data to prevent mutual shuffle happens; Through visible multilayer applying the program trades time correlation function, simplify multilayer applying the corrective maintenance of the program works, reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) . This kind of new application property detects device uses special data to collect card, make the analysis of information of relevant data flow more efficient, improve the performance of network application process further thereby.

Applied usability has made the core business of IT orgnaization, evelyn Hubbert of advanced assayer of company of Forrester of no less than is in " market of network management software " (the market research that Forrester Research company published on June 6, 2007 reports) in be said, the responsibility of “ application usability is arriving in step by step transition on network professional body, make a network healthy degree it is main index with the usability of network infrastructure and utilization rate no longer, network management group should work his to turn to application and network property management to come up from network breakdown management mainly, raise a network to maintain the clairvoyant ability of personnel thereby, understand the client's feeling more, as far as possible fast send data from systematic one aspect of the matter additional one aspect of the matter, the business that is a client improves more expedite medium of communication. ”

Platform of VPM function guard and system of management of property of its APA application had helped a lot of clients solve complex function problem, include Capsugel company among them, this is a global medicines and chemical reagents and nourishment industry supplier, fabrice Quaghebeur of controller of D&I of establishment of Capsugel company IT says: This system allows “ we give the problem immediately processing of corresponding IT support branch, we say for “ for a short while inside solve problem ” . Use the historical data that the system catchs and law, we can understand a lot of experiences of the client, thereby not fathomless why the client complains the system before saying ‘ two days to become very slow again ……’” .
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