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Data center server the information count inside machine ark
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Do not be willing to use jump line management implement the reason has two roughly:

Took up space of partial chance ark

High density spends a viewpoint: Every jump line management implement need takes up the height of 1U. To frame type server, this is equivalent to the height of server of type of frame of a 1U, the machine ark half space “ that can be in order to admit for the person for nothing the waste of ” , even if bit type server machine ark, the space that also has 1/4 is managed as follows implement be held. If can use these spaces entirely, the utilization rate of machine ark will rise substantially, can create more value, score more gain.

Equitable distribution viewpoint: The level jumps line management implement it is to be able to occupy one part space, but wasting these spaces is worthiness. In office layout, more and more stylist apt 10 square metre / office space of the person, if have the office between where,those who use is 4 square metre / office space of the person, that meeting is enquired: The dimension of desk why so small? Where is file ark put? How to walk along desk by? In fact, what intelligent building goes after is mentally is comfortable what go up with physiology is comfortable, the room becomes more and more capacious, the layer is tall become taller and taller, lamplight becomes more and more light …… . Why cannot give server machine ark a few comfortable, beautiful environments so?

A kind of viewpoint after author approve of. Machine ark is just like desk, some people like orderly, some people like to put a thing in disorder. In the society of nowadays, beautiful the form of a kind of token that is level of management, to managing model data center, if inside machine ark very random, will frighten run a batch of potential clients; To center of for private use data, if inside machine ark very random, the gate of that mainframe house can be shut to high-level controller forever only, lest they ask to undertake arduous computer room is arranged costing.

Of the space reasonable the point place that using is program of contemporary computer room, high density is used is when can'ting bear bear ability can serve as “ only have to and do it the lash-up method of ” . Gentleman disappears: The extend project of the airport is the discharge that is in the airport those who reach design capacity 75% when begin, who has seen the airport that is filled in to get full to the brim by stream of people from beginning to end?

Floriferous money

Be economical person viewpoint: The level jumps line management implement be to should spend money to buy. Build in data center when be about to end, project money basically has given out to structure, decorate, Electromechanical, equipment, the situation that appeared to overspend even, the thing that does not affect performance to those so can need not not use.

The viewpoint of reasonable expenditure: “ good steel should be used in the ” on edge, this is ancestral word. Go up in urban construction, in the building decorate on, go up in the layout of assembly room, much money is used at beautiful. Decorate in the family even after be being finished basically, ” of “ flexible packaging became domestic decorate to have a scenery line mediumly. If the level jumps line management implement what can improve machine ark substantially is beautiful, this penny is this flower. In fact, although raised this cost, to the integrated wiring system of data center, just increased an odd merely just.
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