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Data center server the information count inside machine ark
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The demand that the information in ark of every 2 machine nods

According to afore-mentioned computation, can determine the demand that the information in every machine ark nods roughly:

Standard server machine ark

Standard server the information count in machine ark is 6×2 = 12 electric mouth, 6×1 = 6 smooth mouth, 6×1 = 6 KVM mouth.

Frame type server machine ark

Frame type server the information count in machine ark is 17×2 = 34 electric mouth, 17×1 = 17 smooth mouth, 17×1 = 17 KVM mouth.

   Bit type server machine ark

   Bit type server the information count in machine ark is 9×2 = 18 electric mouth, 9×1 = 9 smooth mouth, 9×1 = 9 KVM mouth.

Information of server machine ark nods parameter summary table

The information that expresses 4.4 server machine ark nods estimation

3 consider with backup redundantly

Inside data center mix redundantly backup is the issue that often needs a consideration. When the server is configured, what often can use two kinds of means to have a network is redundant with backup:

Add same network to get stuck / the amount of network razor blade.
?    Add the network that installs different medium to get stuck / network razor blade. For example: Electric mouth / smooth mouth of much model smooth mouth, much model / Chan Moguang mouth, Chan Moguang mouth / electric mouth is waited a moment.

When occurrence network is designed redundantly, the information count quantity of server machine ark will increase subsequently.

4 levels jump line management implement action

To frame type server or bit type server, the network port that every server place owns won't exceed mouth of 2 report mouth, a light and mouth of a KVM commonly, can have 4 possibly jump only namely line. Nevertheless, the server machine ark that wears type server or bit type server of ten machine to, that circumstance differred completely: It may be used at nearly 100 to jump line!

If this jumps nearly 100 times,the line is dispersedly by the server, or in the perpendicular slot that plays two side directly, can you can imagining to the line jumps by the server be what kind of? Jump in great quantities line cover is worn server. Have pity on those indicator light to look only not clear, want to change some jumps the line became hard, want colligation is orderly to can take a picture the degree of appreciation letting a person becomes almost do not have a hope.

If not be to let jump,the line is pulled to two side, install a level to jump in lower part of server, layout wearing however line management implement, that jumps the socket head that the line will show 20 ~ 30mm merely, and jump the cabled yarn part in the line locked management entirely almost implement in-house, lose sight of already also do not touch, saw indicator light also made sure the modelling inside server machine ark is beautiful already, can change easily already jump the line also was protected jump line oneself. Why is such favour done?
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