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Data center server the information count inside machine ark
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The design guiding ideology of frame type server is economic space, unified modelling. Because can assemble much stage server cabinet of a machine, can take up not only less space, and also facilitate centralized management.

Inside data center, the height of machine ark is 42U commonly (2 meters or so) , and ark of a machine often can accommodate server of 17 frame type (the server of height pointing to 1U, every 1 servers deploy a splint or a level jumps line management implement) . The information count quantity of every server is OK decide according to the measure that the net blocks, won't exceed 2 report mouth and mouth of a light commonly.

Accordingly can cipher out, the machine ark array that wears type server to installation machine, the information count of every machine ark is 17×2 = 34 commonly electric mouth, 17×1 = 17 smooth mouth (34 core are fiber-optic) , 17×1 = 17 KVM mouth.

Install the machine ark of bit type server

Bit type server is similar to the network equipment of the type that insert groove or the equipment of phone switching equipment that block board type. It uses box of server of type of each appropriative razor blade, according to the function of the server the requirement inserts the plug-in unit of type of each razor blade, the means of use combination forms function of a stage the high-powered server of each different. Because this can say, bit type server is the server that DIY assembles a structure. Need assumed server function according to place, bit type server is divided into razor blade of razor blade of SAN of server razor blade, network razor blade, memory razor blade, management razor blade, fiber-optic passageway, patulous I/O to wait a variety of, ” of all sorts of “ razor blade assume the different function in the server.

Can say, the core component that the development trend of bit server is the memory that expands OK and compositive business from ” of pure “ server conformity, network and commutative equipment necessarily. In the meantime, because much stage is dispersive,the management of the server will focus the management of a server, because this also can reduce the personnel cost of IT management greatly, implementation IT infrastructure simplifies, improve administrative efficiency.

To wiring program stylist, the biggest advantage of bit type server is each server box (3U ~ 7U) in can own port of a network only, still may own a network port that is in hot backup condition of course.

Assume to stock distributes inside the server box in a 3U razor blade of a network, this network razor blade provides 2 report opening (RJ45 mouth) with mouth of a light (much model fiber-optic or interface of Chan Moguang fine) , criterion accordingly can cipher out: Install server of type of 3U razor blade to 1 (every server deploys a level to jump line management implement) machine ark, every machine ark can install box of server of type of 9 razor blade, its information count is 9×2 = 18 commonly electric mouth, 9×1 = 9 smooth mouth (18 core are fiber-optic) , 9×1 = 9 KVM mouth (box of every razor blade needs opening of a KVM only) .
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