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Data center server the information count inside machine ark
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As a result of large, medium-sized the norms with small-sized computer and information count capacity are decided by mainframe equipment, wiring stylist is the news feature sort that just collects them commonly and amount, is not right they undertake wiring plans. Accordingly, the information count quantity that basically discusses in wiring program basically is to come from server machine ark.

Before information count statistic, what should explain is: Net of terminal of every kinds of server gets stuck / the information check the number that brings oneself on network razor blade is measured won't identical, just chose among them typical cost or common value in the article accordingly, answer to choose a server according to place when data center is designed (or have the server that buys the trend) technical parameter undertakes be calculatinged actually.

In server machine ark, the sort of the server has 3 kinds mostly:

Place standard server inside machine ark;
?    The frame type server of use 1U height is secured inside machine ark;
?    The installation after the bit type server of use 3U above is combined is inside machine ark;

To structure of these 3 kinds of servers, can calculate respectively the information count amount that gives every machine ark:

The machine ark of server of 1 installation standard

The simplest server machine ark is table computer sets the splint inside machine ark to go up. Among them, to raise the utilization rate of machine ark, can use simple and easy lead plane to share implement (KVM) will every the monitor of computer, clavier and mouse reduce, also can use high-grade lead plane to share implement remove monitor, clavier and mouse in the control room outside mainframe house and operation room.

Because size of groovy computer machine ark is larger, so ark of a machine can place 4 ~ only normally 6 servers. The measure that the information count quantity of every server blocks according to the net and calm, won't exceed 2 report mouth and mouth of a light commonly.

Accordingly can cipher out, to the machine ark of installation standard server, the information count of every machine ark is 6×2 = 12 commonly electric mouth, 6×1 = 6 smooth mouth (12 core are fiber-optic) , 6×1 = 6 KVM mouth.

Install the machine ark of server of 1U frame type

The server appearance that has quite most amount is height of 1 ~ 4U (1U is equal to 1.75 inches, add up to 44.45mm about) , 19 inches of width, because of its the appearance is exactly like network switching equipment, friend says for frame type server. So, frame type server can consider as the product that accords with standard of 19 inches of industry, its exterior undertakes designing according to structure of 19 inches of levels, cooperate ark of machine of 19 inches of levels to unite use, in order to satisfy the server inside data center the demand of concentrated deploy, also conduce to those who improve machine ark inside and outside is beautiful.
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