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Screen machine ark
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Screen machine ark is not metallic machine ark, 6 its are thick metallic stuff entirely, pass a series of special treatment and become, ensure electromagnetic wave cannot be invaded. More important is, screen machine ark wants what concern a section through the country to detect, detect only eligible ability considers as screen machine ark.

Inside and outside of ark of machine of 19 inches of screen

Although groovy machine ark is metallic stuff place is made, but the conductor between the ply of plank, plank joins and the aperture between plank does not ask to design according to screen, what is more,the rather that all sides of machine ark often leaves have many small Kong Huo for beautiful and enchase glass, this is the passageway that electromagnetic wave inbreaks in a large-scale, also be the reason that ark of common metal machine is not screen machine ark.                                           

To a few screen environments that do not need very large space, can use screen machine ark. What use inside screen machine ark is structure of 19 inches of levels, can install all sorts of layout to wear, network equipment and server, when shield door is shut, it made the whole sealing vacuum that an electromagnetic wave penetrates hard. In screen machine ark inside install the installation inside layout wearing and groovy machine ark layout wearing has difference hardly.

In screen machine ark hind side, often be in charge of of many wave guide, all sorts of cabled yarn of ark of machine of pass in and out must pass wave conduit. The wave conduit in having a plan is an interface only, when be being used actually, need to cross cabled yarn a root to grow long wave conduit according to the requirement.

Inside data center, if count the equipment of the quantity and layout to wear need only,installation arrives in screen environment, one can be installed inside data center or ark of machine of a screen. Of course, ask tall electromagnetism environment still should make screen computer room truly.

The cabled yarn that wears screen machine ark included cable and double skeining thread, if use double skeining thread, optimal choice is to use double to screen skeining thread or webby total screen / double to screen skeining thread, resist again with screen layer the harm of electromagnetic wave.

The wave of the side after screen machine ark is tracheal

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