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The people of the popular music grand meeting that heads for place of London O2 show to attend a whole world to implement scale most can interview a friend easily or share surprise hour. This will be attributed to Kangpu wholy-owned subsidiary and global communication system and Andrew of business of device sphere chief (Andrew) is wireless communication company.

Andrew provided optical network of intelligence of much frequency ION(tm) (for O2 place 2007) fiber-optic antenna distributinging system, be enclothed in-housely in order to support O2 place and capacity system. The ternary frequency band of 15 ION-M 9/18/21c of Andrew is far from operation business radical stands or repeater receives upright module signal, enclothe whole place through cable, the audience that ensures millions attends annual meeting can enjoy stable and reliable sound and data to transmit.

Go 10 years in, andrew often cooperates with O2, offer wireless infrastructure solution, include to run system of repeater of major operation business. "We are very glad, adopt the product of Andrew and technique, o2 ensures the audience is OK the for love or money enjoys newest speech and data service. "Andrew is in charge of vice president of marketing of Europe, middle east, North Africa Mr Andrea Casini expressing, "Andrew to undertake the project of O2 feels very proud. "Andrew to undertake the project of O2 feels very proud..

O2 place near future established his to regard the whole world as the position of place of the most popular music. Pollstar place chooses data to show, 2008 the show is box-office and adjacent first quarter 500 thousand, first what be the whole world. O2 place performed a lot of whole worlds the most top class show.

Andrew is the world is banner enclothe and provider of capacity system solution, have be enclothed thoroughly and capacity product combination, include series of system of ION distributinging antenna, Node to put cable of station, RADIAX leakage, indoor aerial, passive parts of an apparatus continuously, the service personnel that there are powerful design, installation and test in world each district is offerred assist. This company is mixed in the path railway that is world each district, large construction, radio phone operation business provides the valuable experience that the radio signal with design, installation and mixed management has even more 15 years on dispatching system. Its apply a project successfully to still include the subway and a few light course of Chinese whole nation and countrywide 2G and TD-SCDMA wireless communication network, 2006 world cup football match advocate place, 2000 match of Sydney Olympic Games advocate place, Taipei is subway of 101 edifices, Beijing, Hong Kong, Muscovite reach Montreal and other places, reach the countless airports of world each district.

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