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Li Weiteng company rolls out new fund to note model fiber-optic frit receives di
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New fund 12 core are fiber-optic confuse you model fiber-optic high density frit receives &24 core dish be used at protection and manage frit to receive fiber-optic

Recently, er of a place of strategic importance of rich of city of Cheng Du of Teng Zaihua establishing safeguard rolls out new fund to note model fiber-optic frit durably to receive dish of series. This frit receives dish of series to have a variety of distinctive property, can raise performance characteristics, prolong service life.

This kind of frit is received dish have 12 core fiber-optic confuse you model with 24 core fiber-optic high density is spent model, use at protect and managing shrink frit to receive fiber-optic. Frit accepts Pan Nengrong offer 250 or 900µm single standard or much model are fiber-optic, its are wide passageway design can avoid fiber-optic extruding. Transparent cover board rose fiber-optic but diopter. The clip of spine tine function that takes sponge emulsion gasket can maintain receive and derivative fiber-optic do not bend, and many fixed aperture are those who enter is fiber-optic offerred adherent point.

12 core are fiber-optic confuse you model with 24 core fiber-optic high density frit is received dish but LightSpace of compatible and all Li Weiteng®CPC/CPS wall installs series and Opt-X®Series is fiber-optic layout box, include brand-new Opt-X Ultra™ high density to spend fiber-optic layout box. 12 core are fiber-optic confuse you model frit receives unit of dish of interface of network of compatible still and all Li Weiteng (NID) series layout box.

About Li Weiteng

Department of career of solution of Li Weiteng network founds at 20 years before, it is the ministry of a career of Li Weiteng production company, company history is long, be apart from already had more than 100 years today, product and solution are world-famous. Nowadays, li Weiteng already became the biggest major on the world to be engaged in electric one of companies of the design with communication join equipment, development and production, according to BSRIA newest statistic, product of Li Weiteng connector is ranked in market share of the United States the 2nd. Li Weiteng reachs the domain such as commercial market to offer the network solution that tall sex price compares for the residence, industry, our major produces the whole wiring system that is used at network infrastructure, arrive from the backbone workstation, what Li Weiteng innovates is fiber-optic realize help user with cupreous cable system perfect with hi-tech network system. Cable of component of the connector that establishs dimension to vacate network solution ministry to produce commerce, industry and residence to use, wiring, layout wearing, face plate and workstation solution, wire manages implement reach residential wiring establishment. At the beginning of 2008, in answer to environmental protection trend of the whole world, li Weiteng takes the lead in rolling out the wiring product that accords with standard of ROHS environmental protection, acceptance does not use the technology that has pollution to the environment and data in whole production technological process. Be about to know more detail, visit instantly pleaseWww.leviton.com /Www.leviton.com.cnOr call China each relevant sale agency.
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