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Champion card UPS will appear on Beijing Olympic Games
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A few days ago, 198 the UPS of two high capacity that my company own research and development produces, accumulator, and batteries joins the relevant facility such as the line, the means carry that carrying through steam goes to Beijing. According to me company relevant controller introduces, these two high capacity UPSs that appear on center of news of Beijing Olympic Games are the UPS lead plane of 250KVA. “ if state of news center occurrence power cut, UPS of these two high capacity can produce effect instantly, provide uninterrupted stable electricity for the assembly room, make the assembly room is in inside 3 hours with report insusceptible. Although among them UPS of a high capacity is bad, UPS of another high capacity can provide stable electricity for the assembly room all the same. ” this controller still expresses, this leader performance is steady, can show through liquid crystal screen monitors leader moves a condition.

“ at the beginning, the Beijing gold that is in charge of supplying equipment for center of Olympic Games news collects Qi auspicious division trade limited company, did not choose the product of our enterprise, however the product of high capacity UPS that ‘ saw one enterprise of ’ Shanghai produce. But, the product of Shanghai company is in experiment process, occurrence breakdown of constant regular meeting. Beijing gold collects Qi limited company heard of auspicious division trade the product of our enterprise, the product of our enterprise was ordered in April this year. ” this chief says.

Yesterday afternoon, UPS of these two high capacity is installed to be inside wooden case, the means carry that carries through steam goes to Beijing. The company will send two engineers to install site value to defend in equipment. It is reported, UPS of these two high capacity is the product that acquires ” of “ China patent gold prize.

The UPS UPS equipment that annals produces into champion place wins the bid time and again project of Olympic Games form a complete set, behaved Beijing Olympic Games relevant project invite public bidding just is opposite the sufficient affirmation of Wu of kimono of my company product and approbate, in the meantime, also show my company to be in the good public praise of industry market and industry and consequence.

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