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Explore center of data of HP new generation experiences a center
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If you are the CIO of an enterprise or IT manager, if you are space of the electric power of data center, computer room and air conditioning system and vexed, so HP invites you cordially to arrive to kick off recently, be located in Beijing HP edifice test center comes to centrosome of 9 data of HP new generation, here you the way that bona fide experiences and can seek newest enterprise IT to solve.

Inside global limits, the data center of more than 80% already endured the limitation of space of electric power, computer room and air conditioning system; Be in " fortune " in 500 selection CIO, 41% think " of " specific power consumption and " come loose hot " is our company the main problem that data center institute faces. Be aimed at this one brand-new client demand, HP rolled out solution of center of new generation data.

The new generation that serves as Chinese head home to face a client to open counts the real experience environment that occupies a center, this experience center that faces company level client mainly carried HP company's numerous and newest solution and product to demonstrate, consume kind of product, palmtop computer to reach data center from the number solution, be just as the exposition of an IT product, technology and application. Here, any client can experience the actual existence of center of data of HP new generation and personal interest personally.

Be based on the innovation of inheritance

When undertaking transforming to system of data center, IT, how to just protect original investment effectively? This is an issue that often makes a client feel a worry. The banner technology of the domain is transformed in data center by right of HP, number of HP new generation gave out according to centrosome test center a successful answer: That is based on the innovation over inheritance namely.

In this center, system of numerous server, memory, network, air conditioning, accede effectively and integrated original equipment. Meanwhile, be aimed at the new change of business client demand, HP had program and position to experiencing the center is new, showed how a lot of technology that center of data of HP of have the aid of transforms a solution to offer and tool, include automation, fictitious change, data center conformity, business is successional reach energy-saving solution to wait, will manage and transform data center, promote the business of the enterprise effect.

New experience center area is close 250 smooth rice, one times bigger than original dimensions above, main by data center, demonstrate center of monitoring of center of data of the hall, new generation, operation to wait for area to form. The client that call in can rest a little in data center before the activity begins, inquire they need the product data of understanding. In the other a side of data center, it is OK one-time hold 60 people demonstrate the hall, deployed lug the big screen of 3 and 103 inches feeling screen. To provide the realest visiting experience to the client, the center deployed high-tech body sense to demonstrate equipment, will bring to the person that look around most the perfect experience of be personally on the scene. In the meantime, special intelligence mixes experience center agile, can visit the client's interest and demand according to coming, adjust the content that shows among them at any time.
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