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Experience 10G is transmitted 100 meters on cupreous cable
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This infrastructure operates software to have the following advantage: Raise an user to run the ability that the network alters accurately; Self-recording update and electronic work is only, guide technical personnel to finish shift, add and change an operation; Record information of network resource position in detail, go to the lavatory to allow volume program to offer; Enhance security, blame plan can produce in crucial circuitry caution is given out to the administrator when change; Modificatory government technological process is complete automation, be helpful for rising add up to compasses sex, reduce machine down time, promotion to manufacture efficiency.

A variety of the report system that “SYSTIMAX IPatch System Manager includes to be based on a network, language version, can simplify support of switching equipment of the data center function of server deploy flow, SAN and VLAN discover a function, and the layout that can record cable basement and the peripheral equipment function that carry the cable channel of this room. Peter Karlsson of advanced sale vice-president tells department of solution of system of Kang Pu company of ” United States, this this locality that software had a language completely changes “ , included Chinese version. ”

Will tell to high-end user, the intelligent management of wiring already more and more important. The integrated wiring of location of CCTV new station used IPatch.

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