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PMC-Sierra takes the lead in undertaking 10G EPON system demonstrate in industry
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Beijing, ——PMC-Sierra company took the lead in undertaking in industry 10Gbit/s IEEE 802.3av EPON demonstrates on June 24, 2008. Should demonstrate to use the 10Gbit/s EPON referenced design with whole PMC-Sierra, include to be used at terminal of 10G fiber-optic circuitry (OLT) PAS8001 and use at unit of 10G optical network (ONU) PAS9001, the Chinese light that in May 28-29 day holds in Beijing appears first on network seminar. Referenced design is compositive 10Gbit/s OLT and all function that ONU needs, include tripartite business to use send and receive implement, make full use of PMC-Sierra house market precedes EPON technology actual strength of the position improved systematic performance, shorten original equipment manufacturer (OEM) the product appears on the market time.

Wave of king of high business director expresses technical divisions of network of ministry of technique of Chinese telegraphic group: “ China telecommunication established EPON industry standard, made chip and equipment manufacturer realize the interconnection each other between their plan successfully to connect by this standard, began the dimensions deploy of EPON on this foundation. Accordingly, we are very interested in the normative IEEE 802.3av of 10G EPON, the hope sees 10G EPON can have one version what the requirement with supportable China peculiar telecommunication, good each other that assures 10G EPON is connected and 1G EPON did not come is flowing upgrade. ”

10Gbit/s EPON system can help operation business expand further weigh business thirdly (Triple-Play) and fiber-optic to the building (FTTB) plan, the application that brings demand to increase Gao Kuan later lays next foundations. In addition, operation business still can pass unified FTTH and FTTB infrastructure to reduce capital and operation expenditure.

PAS8001 and PAS9001 support 10Gbit/s function, accord with IEEE 802.3av beforehand standard (1.1 edition draft) , 1G/10G coexists at the same time, have detect automatically, the standard is added close, high-powered backward compatible dynamic bandwidth allocates a technology (DBA) and send and receive by what precede implement supplier associate develops but business is used send and receive implement. The shunt of PMC-Sierra 10G plan takes 128 ONU than can achieving every OLT. This plan leads next generation of the 1G EPON parts of an apparatus of the market program at present for PMC, completely OK with at present already the EPON ONU that deploy is based on PMC-Sierra plan more than 6 million times at the whole world works in coordination.

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