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Center of experience of data center new technology and informatization are energ
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On Feburary 22, 2008, in association of Chinese computer user leader and Chinese informatization advance the support that alliance gets to fall, in new technology of center of data of energy-saving technology institute experiences informatization of sth resembling a net of division celestial being the ceremony of completion cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony of energy-saving lab is in center and informatization north of area of garden of Beijing Chang Ping science and technology accuses edifice of science and technology to be held ceremoniously. Of this lab hold water, aim to show newest industry technology and product solution for industry user, and the research that for the computer room energy-saving technology uses provides professional research environment. Expert of German computer room -- the member that power picture company is comprised as the expert suffers invite attend a ceremony, president Mr Palm addresses.

This lab is actual it is real computer room environment. The dimensions of the computer room amounts to 125 square metre, had nowadays China's most advanced new product, new technology, and can the test that energy-saving technology and energy use up center of the spot data that finish and research. Power graph serves as the member that this mobile expert is comprised, become one of important equipment sponsors that computer room lab builds, offerred the solution of Rimaxtrix5 of one a complete set of for computer room lab. This is the overall protection solution that an equipment that it is IT offers high modernization, include distribution machine ark, power source, liquid among them cooling bag and environmental supervisory system. This system accords with construction of this second computer room to be opposite energy-saving the demand that reduces ability, can bring more profit such as modular, Yi Weixiu to the client, aim to drive computer room career to march toward more height!   

Power graph president Mr Palm expresses, get the cooperation of the research organization of region authority with data center through this, feel the responsibility on body of the person that precede as an industry, will cooperate in research and development of market strategy, technology, innovation henceforth respect, joint efforts, in order to promote a trade steadily, healthy progress.
The media reporter of industry of famous IT of 20 whole nations entered this second activity, it is important to understood research lab in detail action. Believe to study the lab can become the platform that shows industry new technology, new product certainly, the research that is energy-saving technology provides professional environment.
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