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Extensive is amounted to hand in hand HP starts center of data of first new gene
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System of banner innovation network infrastructure develops business and supplier —— extensive to amount to, announce now hand in hand centrosome test center is in the data of HP new generation that 黙 of HP, love lays to be achieved in all Beijing HP edifice is formal completion begins. The new generation that serves as Chinese head home to face a client to open counts the real experience environment that occupies a center, this center will be revealed to the client how to mix through management transform, reduce data center to run cost, obtain bigger flexibility, improve the energy efficiency of data center, promote the business of the enterprise effect thereby.

Centrosome test center is occupied in number of HP new generation, extensive is amounted to use advanced wiring system and system of route taking a line, make sure high density spends layout application while, reasonable use the limited space inside the computer room. As a result of,avoid machine ark / the accumulation of cable of wire of the wiring inside frame or the hot exchange with twine and affect active facility normal, ensure the normal flow of air current of cold hot passageway inside data center, promote active the normal run time of equipment thereby, make green of data center implementation energy-saving.

Extensive amounts to Shi Jianhua of general manager of big China division (Michael D. Smith) the gentleman expresses: This HP new generation counts “ to experience central completion according to the center, indicate construction reachs a China transform data center to stride ’ of ‘ green times, the knowledge that we are willing to be used in the place inside global limits to obtain, experience and innovation solution and professional technical support and client undertake sharing, build the data center with energy-saving green to contribute our force for common form. ”

Float the original part that amounts to a solution depended on whole considering the design of data center and efficiency, can balance specific power consumption well, medicinal powder heat and infrastructure of reasonable design wiring, ensure sex of operation of the dependability of data center, each other is mixed but expansibility. Method of this kind of whole brought up compositive telegraphic establishment solution, those who make is comprehensive covered the sources of energy, control, computation, communication and safe system.

The difficult problem of the largest telegraphic installation that afore-mentioned solutions captured data center client is faced with at present, how does that run the risk that infrastructure confluence brings namely. Extensive amounts to the unique value that uses when running this one risk to locate, solved the 3 big hardship that data center user faces directly: Flexibility, usability and security problem.

Regard green reseau as alliance (Green Grid) member, extensive is amounted to devote oneself to all the time green energy-saving as center of new generation data all in all idiosyncratic, supportive client makes an appointment with the sources of energy and resource through the section and gain bigger profit. Because distinctive revolutionary solution reachs dominant position of its environmental protection, float Da Rong obtains the “2008 that issues by company of North America Frost&Sullivan year center of North America data comes loose hot solution serves ” of award of optimal environmental protection.
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